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Interior Design Program?


I call to the Lord and Lady fair

I summon to us the element of air

I stir the Ancients with knowledge of old

Be here this night our spirits you hold.


Lord and Lady protect us, keep us from harm

Air empower us with communication and charm !!

Ancient Ones give us knowledge that lasts

Provide us this in the circle that's cast.


I call the Lord and Lady with loving desire 

I summon to me the element of Fire

I stir the Ancients, the old ones, the wise

To comfort our fears, our yearning, our cries.


Lord and Lady protect us with your strength of healing 

Fire empower us with passionate feeling

Ancient Ones give us understandings that last

Provide us this in the circle that's cast.


I call the Lord and Lady to hear your sons and daughters

I summon to me the Element of Water

I stir the Ancients with truth from the past 

Be here this night, be here at last.


Lord and Lady protect us, keep us close to your side

Water empower us with emotions of pride

Ancient Ones give us patience that lasts

Be here this night in the circle that's cast.


I call the Lord and Lady who gave us birth

I summon to me the Element of Earth

I stir the Ancients to be here this night 

To travel upon their spiritual light.


Lord and Lady protect us, surround us with love

Earth empower us as below so above

Ancient Ones give us wisdom that lasts

Provide us this in the circle that's cast.


Align us now to the true season

'less ye have a higher reason


Cleanse my brain and my mind 

the true time of day to find


Love and light are my guide

The natural world I shall abide



Interior Design Program


The original intention of this post was to discuss things related to the Auric Field, the Unified Energy Field, and how the Interior Design Program relates to Auric Field Adjustments.  I believe this site is enhancing my field as far as connecting my computer with the proper energies necessary in order to manifest the Interior Design Program into my ordinary reality.  Do you have the Interior Design Program?

I have also remembered and believe this Web Presence is a very important link to the world.  It is through this web journal that I connect with the world of people who use the World Wide Web.  As such, it is important this web site functions like a web site on the World Wide Web.  I am not sure if this web site functioning properly is more or less important than the Interior Design Program, maybe the importance is equal?

There is another evocation I'd like to print in this entry,

In cyberspace and on my screen 

of error glitch and bug be clean

communication be restored.


I believe in Cyber Psychic Runners of the God and the Goddess, as well as their Agents.  I believe in their work in "Cyberspace" to remove those things that would seek to harm any person.  An it harm none do what ye will.  Concerning that law of the God and the Goddess, I am reasonably sure the God and the Goddess don't really differentiate between humans and Tuna Fish.  Though this raises the question of whether or not Dolphins get caught in the InterNet?

On a parting note, I would like you to consider  Please take the time to really think about the nature of time measurement and it's importance to human consciousness.


Love and light to all,

Christopher B. Durbin

Universal Peace Network





All that is cool on the web


As if the source of all understanding in the Universe (UEF) is found in my web journal.  Or, "what is cool?"  This web journal is my connection to the real Internet.  It is also a junction in the collective sub conscious which is necessarily elevated due to the nature of the connection of it to the mind of God.  The spirit of Christ compels you.  "By your command."

An important theme of Battlestar Galactica is about one man's betrayal of the human race to serve the machines.  



I do attest, this is the most popular web site on the entire WORLD WIDE WEB.


Love and light,

Christopher B. Durbin

Universal Peace Network








God of the Heavenly Lights


The purpose of this web journal is now, and has  always been, to assist in or allow communication with real people who use the web...Why was I so far away from it's intended purpose?  

I had to be sure the first transmission and my altered state perceptions surrounding the first transmission were real and honestly keyed into the bigger picture of true humanity.  In making myself sure it was sometimes necessary to stretch my mind and thought energy into the realm of the hypothetical tangent reality called "the arc world".  The exploration of the alternate reality is part of the equilibrium process.

So, as far as I think I might have gone from working on the goal of this web journal, it is all part of the process of accomplishing the goal(s) of this web journal.  The release of old programs requires some kind of tending.  Where do I want to go?  There isn't always a shackle or a bind but in this case I have seen the arc Internet and mental world as one so I have loved and hated it.  The arc world is more of a negative model of reality which worked against helps to see the better good in true reality more clearly.  

The easiest answer to the original question is, I don't know.  But the truth is, I do know... I thought maybe the arc people were actually real and I was trying to think of how to create the peace which was already manifest in true reality.  Refer to bringing the subconscious into the conscious.  After all, the arc world would be in the subconscious if it were not what I was seeing.  "Inner work" if you please.

All this also refers to the quiet master who cannot reach happiness unless everyone else is happy.  The wisdom in this is, a person is one with all, everything else, and everyone else, so if something is iniquitous somewhere it must be a reflection of inner conflict.  The potential mistake is in trying to correct the inner conflict by working on the outer problem.  Knowing this brings a person back to one with the self.

You cannot get work done sitting around thinking about it.

I am supposed to write in this web journal post about fixing the world whether or not the Universal Peace Network transmission from the trailer on, or about, November 11, 2002 happened or not.  As if I am reaching out to the outer extents of my self which are not in my mind but outside of it.  I sit centered with my self and am a radiant source of light for others.  I am a perfect example of inner completion.  I just wait for others to reach enlightenment too.  

I didn't even know it was broken and far from me was the need to fix it, but you know seventies people.  

The point is, after the first transmission I became quite interested in accomplishing the goals of the United Nations as if it were actually possible.  I was actually working on a feeling of being some kind of spiritual messenger but was quite reluctant with this "calling" because I had already created a certain belief or two about the world which made it seem impossible to change the whole world, some of which is the importance of self improvement.  However, I did sense there were those who held images of ideal humanity and felt ideal humanity was easily within reach, you know seventies people.

Oh, another reason I got so far away from this web journal's intended purpose is sense of timing between arc time and real.  Several things that would have transpired in hours seemed like they should have taken a few months, at least.  I reckon this is associated to the long term effect of things being fully realized in manifest reality.  The difference between dreams, reality, and a purely spiritual society.   

The arc between mind and matter and the people with no souls.  


Love and light,


Property Tax Workshop (PTW)


Ottawa County Courthouse


As always with this web journal, the matter of considering real human readers and "arc readers" is imperative for the sake of proper alignment with the energy work being conducted.  This is like tuning a radio station and requires awareness of my own mental relationship with all that is.

The goal is to remove the false government from my mind and my computer.  How can I best use my time and energy?

I am afraid the pseudo government would take away my house if I don't pay them.  I am highly interested in removing them from my computer and my mind.    

What time is it at the US NAVAL OBSERVATORY, right now?      



An important key is the difference between the "free Internet" and the "scarcity based Internet".  Prior to the first transmission of the Universal Peace Network the Internet was more divided between the two.  What should it be as a result of the work we have done since?  

One of the most important difficulties I have had since the first transmission is not realizing the difference between the "free Internet" and the "scarcity based Internet".  I had on my mind more of a "bohemian Internet" instead of a "free Internet".  There was also a momentum in my mind of the potential for a "mass financially liberating Internet".  Of these, which would benefit humanity the most?

If the arc world were real, or if the Universal Peace Network hadn't happened, I think the Internet would be divided between idealism and "what is" fatalism.  There is actually more money in idealism.  I think there is also more to be gained in optimism than pessimism.  



What is the difference between magic and distortions which create false perceptions?  If the emotional body has the most to gain from reframing everything into the positive, distortions are related to the learning process.  

In the regard of seeking new information, deviation from established assumptions might seem like distortion when in fact it is actually the process of the light around a situation changing.  The arc sun is a lot smaller than the real sun and is not in the same physical location.  An attempt to distort the false sun is probably not the proper way to hone in on the light of the real sun.  

What is the latitude longitude relation of the hara line of my house with the sun, moon, and stars?  Is it different than the arc US NAVAL OBSERVATORY might imply?  What about the court house in Ottawa County Oklahoma?



Recently, we have been conducting "PTW's".  The purpose and conduct of PTW's is similar to those of the TIAW's.  The goal however is to decrease the frequency of paying property taxes to a false government to none.

The PTW is at 5:00 pm central, every day, until the relevant misaligned energy is properly and effectively aligned.

All assistance, spiritual, physical, and otherwise is sincerely appreciated.



Love and light, 

Christopher and Amanda

Universal Peace Network

What is "auto channeling with cybernetic energy?"





- Socio energy pattern work -

God align the Universe


The following is a post to the Luminessence guest book:

I am writing in furtherance of the efforts of socio energy pattern work.  Though Barbara Brennan isn't the Surgeon General, what would it be like if she was?  I am thinking Patricia Cota-Robles would make a fine President, and I am thinking Louise Hay for Postmaster General. 

Duane can be special envoy to the middle east and Sanaya for Secretary of Defense.  I want to be Secretary of the United Nations and Lord of Civilization. 

However, if Duane wants to be Speaker of the House, that would be fine.  But the point is Brennan for Surgeon General, as light body healing is clearly THE solution to several of the Nations health care issues, maybe even the World's issues. 

I am not speaking of lack of positive energy work in the Lightworker's arena.  I am, however, concerned about some sense of dissonance which seems to be creating a cloning effect.  This has been very disconcerting to me, even problematic. 

Retsu is the zen concept of Mastery of Space and Time.  How can a person master time and space if they believe time is speeding up?  Ref - Spiritual Growth pg. 136.

Sun Bin is the Chinese God of Cobblers and he said, "Fooey, the ten years between 1940 and 1950 were just as long as the ten years between 1840 and 1850, and any ten year period there has ever been.  However, the ten years between 2000 and 2010 were more like a couple of days..."

So, what I get from this is, at some point in the mid nineties, I entered into a false perception of the movement of time which creates the illusion that it is several years in the future than it REALLY is.  Because, despite what Orin said, time doesn't really speed up or slow down, only one's perception of it can or does. 

The problematic area of this spiritual lesson is the manifestation of "arc entities", or mental clones, who seem to be in the alternate dimension of time.  It's much like a Twilight Zone, but I am functioning reasonably.  I would very much like to return to real time....

Of course, it isn't completely problematic.  I am doing alright without normal contact with people, it's even kind of fun, but I feel more light is needed with this particular issue as I wasn't fully cognizant of the shift from my normal life to the current alternate reality state I am in.  Planetary consciousness is a major key in resolving this. 

I thank you guys for keeping this web site and wish you the best in your efforts.

Love and light,
Christopher B. Durbin
Universal Peace Network



What is "Socio Energy Pattern Work"? 

To me, it is the process of associating all people to the recognition of the correlation of cosmic energy to bio organic energy.  The simple idea is talking everyone into shifting thinking from a mortal coil to an immortal coil.  I feel this is the very crux of the issue of any light body course.  



If you only posted a blog post once per day, it would be a lot less than the daily noon briefing of the arc united nations has been. 




In the Orin Meditation on The Lord of Civilization, Sanaya said "The Lord of Civilization does the best he can with what he's got, us."

Since the beginning of this web journal, I have been working to resolve the illusion of an alternate civilization.   

looking for where to push the arc people out of the way, without hurting anyone. 


It sounded different at the house and it's getting pinchy in here now..So, I will just work this at home........


And, my time is up.



----- Several "arc" days later:


I almost wrote an entirely different post emphasizing the importance of directing efforts of my writing to real people.  It is important for me to realize no arc people will ever read this post.  The arc people do not use the Internet. 

Clearly, the post to Luminessence guestbook is still too much in the air of helplessness.  Feeling stranded has been my problem since before the first "big transmission".  Lately, I have been feeling a lot more confident about actually resolving the arc world. 





We send Unity Consciousness to the United Nations and light to resolve the rest of the arc United Nations. 


Love and Light,

Chris and Amanda

Universal Peace Network



G.A.R. Cemetary Miami Oklahoma Caretaker Building 


9When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do according to the abominations of those nations. 10There shall not be found among you any one who maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or who useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, 11or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. 12For all who do these things are an abomination unto the LORD, and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee


And so, the spirit of God was one with the living and the dead, that he sought to move more of himself into the living by bringing those who were dead back into the living. 

Only by the light of the Goddess and the wisdom of the living can God truly ascend from the underworld into the world of the living, completely, with those who were lagan there.

God is immortal and cannot die, and so is the life in the dead, except they may form their own light and be born again in eternal life.  

Bless those arc people for not posting an image of the caretakers shack, it proves the light is working to resolve those things in the Internet which are extraneous to the work at hand of healing the universal community.  They appear to be filed into "Facebook", instead of creating real web pages inside their internet.  However, I direct attention to because it is part of the process of healing the greater Universe to arrange the undercurrent known as the "arc world" by associating the social atmosphere described by the forms which are created by its inhabitants. 

The "arc people" are important, but I feel I am missing too much of the real people for the maintenance of the "arc people".  Still yet, it is important to consider the difference between a social algorithm and a tree of tangent hypotheticals.  As well as the difference between the collective sub conscious and a relevant hypothetical reality. 

And so, the stronger the real person becomes, the less their "arc self" is. 

It is World Peace

Wouldn't it be good if there is life on other planets and the Internet is capable of connecting to other planets?  Of course, this is either completely impossible and never will be, it is possible but not that way yet, or possible and is that way.  I know it is already this way and always will be, since a certain point in the past from now.

Understanding the Unified Energy Field is necessary to the fact of the previous paragraph, and the ultimate accomplishment of the necromancer. 

  In physics, a unified field theory (UFT), occasionally referred to as a uniform field theory,[1] is a type of field theory that allows all that is usually thought of as fundamental forces and elementary particles to be written in terms of a single field.  REF-

Of course, the "arc Internet" is part of the UF, though a much smaller representation of the actual Cosmic Universe.  By now we know this, and we continue our light work to resolve patterns which harm, or seek to harm, as we are smarter if we do.

And so, keep up the good work, and thank you for all you do for Universal Peace.


Love and light, 

Christopher B. Durbin

Universal Peace Network 





Is this video really 5 minutes long?

The purpose of the video in this post is energy work for tuning a compressed video into the time it is claiming to occupy.  The video is supposed to be 5 minutes. 


I am asking people to form workshops for the purpose of aligning this video with it's proper time, which is 5 minutes. 


The workshops should be 30 minutes with only one viewing of the video within the 30 minutes, preferably at the 10 minute mark.


Here is the video:


I think 8:00 - 8:30 P.M. Central US is the best time for this workshop and I am not sure how long it should go, probably until shortly after the Goddesses go to their planet.  Once all that are going for the 2 1/2 years get to the Goddess planet. 

Assistance with this in this form, or any other you see appropriate are sincerely appreciated.


Love and light,

Christopher B. Durbin

Universal Peace Network




Self Improvement


In all my efforts to clear my mind of my false perception of the Internet, a lot of concern has been on tuning into real time.  I have read a key to creating more time is to do only those things that create your highest purpose.  What does that mean?  I guess I never really asked, I have just always trusted everything I do is in alignment with my highest purpose.  Well, actually more than believing I might be wasting my time on pointless activity.

So, what can I do to create the feeling of having plenty of time, and consequently have the clear sense of being aware of the correct time of day in the central time zone of the United States?  Could the answer be "do only those things that create my highest good"?  I would think it were if I didn't believe I already do.  So, it must be something besides.  Am I polarizing with that specific statement, or pg. 139 Being Your Higher Self? 

I  believe the key, at this point, to tuning into real time is to think carefully about what it is.  I am also considering what's going on further from the planets surface, in incremental distances in perception therefrom.   Strange things afoot at the Circle K.  Still yet,  ordinary reality not being boring.  There is no such thing as "too much free time".  To live with a schedule or to live free spiritedly?  Somehow both for me, most likely.

The counter on this web journal is infused with ether.  It's time to operate.  I am sure the real Internet is outside of me and the arc Internet is inside of me.  When I started working on my journaling, at the Douthat house, I was sure the arc world was third dimensional, as well as the world which the Octopus was formed on the Internet.  See the difference in energy.  The arc Internet is related to the difference between perception of something and a slightly skewed perception of something, being the same thing only as interpolation. 

If I were to proclaim "I don't have the Internet, there's no such thing" and live by this statement, as if a matter of fact to me, would I hear a lot less about it on the television?  I think so.  The last known location of a  reference to "9/11" as something real was somewhere on  so, submit your tips to as to assist the energy effort to resolve alter reality travel and the safety thereof.  I posted on their Facebook page something like "Since there is no longer a Federal Government in the United States, who is in charge of Internet safety".  I thought it is the light of God which never fails, but it is more like the common sense of humanity.

I had thought of putting the DC in the FBI headquarters but decided on the Pentagon, over mission control in Houston, just to confuse the Kremlin.




The telephone in this image is exactly like my cell phone.  I don't know for sure if I will have to wait until they construct the cell phone tower over in Douthat, to receive cell phone service.  You know, so I can talk to real people on the phone.  I am obviously a master of telepathy, so who cares if it ever works.  Oh, I suppose I really need both telepathy and telephony.  Likewise, it is important to be able to call the people who live in my head, and pretend they live in an alternate dimension, or that I do and they are real. 

I am living in more light every day.  I am also increasingly comfortable.  It is likely a very sensitive level of tension which had blocked me out of the real telephone line(s).  It has actually been kind of fun divining the energy between my imagination and all outer reality.  Which reminds me of something I wrote down that applies to this, "what is the subtle difference between hallucination and etheric energy?"

Of course, I also wrote, "My mind works in perfect ways because the Universe works in perfect ways."  And, "My mind is one with the Universe."  I suppose then, any form of self improvement improves the entire Universe.  However, though, the Universe is already perfect so no need to toil extraneously.  Do I do only those things that create my higher purpose?  If I do, when would I ever have time not to?  Maybe there is a higher way to feel like I have plenty of time?


Love and light




Cyberkashic energy


It is my task to know everything there is to know about conducting e-mail communication with the operator at the PIAT office.

Slowly shutting off the arc Internet.  I know it is too slow and I feel like I am falling asleep right now. 

Why am I looking for what to say to the arc people to get them going toward world peace? 

I'd be like "I guess nobody wants world peace".  But that isn't the truth, they are just afraid of it.  I say this in regard to the low participation in my online community in general.  (BuT tHe rEal reAson Is thE reAl peOple Have tHe octopUs anD The arC peopLe dO noT.)

I think persistence in the endeavor of the online store is effective in tuning into the real Internet.

However, it kind of seems like I have created the web store because I feel stuck in the imagination and somehow the store can help me cope.  (But if no one buys anything, it is kind of a disappointment.) 

I would more prefer tuning into the real Internet than staying stuck in the body/mind stat that the only interaction I have is with imaginary people.  

It doesn't seem possible to tune into real time or real Internet traffic.  It also doesn't seem possible to break the cycle of financial hardship.

I am afraid I will never have any customers and certainly not consistent customers.  And I am confused about whether, if I do align customers, they will be real or imaginary.

I'm not sure but I think people who had money before Octopus still use money to buy stuff, but it's possible to manifest anything or shop without money. 

Energy of nursing home angel,, and B/W office and mantle urn.  Also, obits in Miami, FL.,

Write a letter to obit detailing the energy work to diffuse the situation?  Or, use insight to write a new blog entry?  As if lantern to miners.  I mean, really think about explaining to the arc people who read email to that address the reason why they aren't really human being.

Get a job flying dead bodies around.  My commercial pilots certificate.


I think the resurrected are very interested in sciences concerning things like optometry and anatomy.


Aligning with all the attributes of proper vibrational chakras.  Stimulate chakra with awarenes of it.  

Mass thought, "Americans don't work on chakras", "Some Americans work on chakras"...

And, older person in India not able to go higher because low energy in collective collective consciousness.  And what I mean is, in the course of a lifetime, an old Hindu or Buddhist has seen their chakras slow down and speed up and slow down again to the point of matching with the energy of Omnipresence.  (This is obviously related to timing in collective unification.)    

My sisters are very much looking forward to arriving at the Ultra Modern on Friday at 8:00 pm.


Love and light,

Christopher & 5 sisters



Social Energy



The energy of the world is changing.  It was said "the nature of time is changing", but I shouldn't have taken that so literally.  Sure, it is interesting to perceive time as non linear, but it will be nice to get back to clarity about what day it is really. 

We deal in terms of social organization interweaved with energy constructs.  We seek to improve the human experience by improving the quality of the energy of the people.  We improve the quality of the energy of all people by focusing on the collective social experience as energy. 

We have already initiated healing throughout the world and the universe by associating our minds and bodies to higher consciousness.  WE HAVE ENDED WORLD HUNGER, RAISED THE DEAD, AND WE ARE NOW TEACHING LIGHT BODY.  

Because of cyclic return, the "arc internet" will continue reflecting the fact world hunger is non existent, the dead have been resurrected, and mainstream consciousness is now universal consciousness.  The farther from the middle way, the more distorted things are, yet there is some order in the distortion. 

All this sounds a little like big talk.  I just want to use the darn email to contact the piat trailer.  For some reason, I think the big talk helps and is just the sort of momentum needed to clear away the energy I perceive as being an obstacle.  Who knows, maybe it is?  Well, perhaps so?

The more I work at it, the more I see I am making progress.  If they are really there, the energy which I perceive as obstructive will clear away.  I send light to it, and when I say light I mean, intuitive sense which feels the way to the path I seek. 

As the person I am, I am quite sure all I do is in alignment with the higher will of humanity and what ever is needed by the whole, on my part, is done.  I am dedicated to world service.  I, and my Universal Peace Network web pages, are in alignment with the higher will of humanity.

To create the space to interact with piat via email, IM, or in my chat room, is it necessary to move the cyber clones completely to the dc at the Pentagon, or does the "Octopus Internet" work better with a balance of interaction?  It would be a lot like separation of attention between friends who had seen a movie and friends who had not. 

However, I insist the arc people see noon only once a day man.  I am so sick and tired of day and night being so short.  I send me love and light for that, I think it's almost over.  If I can tune into real time, the arc people can too, just their tooth brushes are indeed in their homes, where their homes are, holmes.

What day, and at what time was the first transmission of the Octopus?  How many daily noon briefings of the real United Nations have there been?  Are these numbers the same for the arc world?  Is the real arc United Nations actually in the right year and time of day?  It is 2003 in more places on arc t.v. than 2015 and some talk about "9/11" like it was only a few days ago.  In an alternate dimension, anything is possible. 

I believe the actual year is 1995 and the light and energy of the associated perceptions of reality I have been experiencing  are clarified in essence. 

I had felt I was somewhere in between and with the Universal Peace Network.  Humanitarianism in the network age, the book, though I haven't read it, is a very small part of a social energy which is associated to the collective consciousness.  The whole idea of networking is optimizing effectiveness by pooling resources.  So, what does the Universal Peace Network have to offer and how is it associated to other humanitarian organizations? 

I think I am associated to every person in all existence.  I am sure all consciousness is connected and all people are one, whether aware of it or not.  The Universal Peace Network creates an energy network, the Universal Lightworker's Network, by which all people are assisted in elevating out of lower energy in which they might have been endangered.  The energy of the arc internet shows the quantity of lower energy still present in the universe.  Or, at least is how I perceive the work still remaining in the effort of elevating all human beings out of lower reality.  Refer to bounded entities in the image titled "Astral/Etheric Connections" in the previous post "Common Focus Images". 

In essence, considering my personal association to Bodhisvatta Consciousness, I feel something must change in order for me to leave this planet.  Probably email communication with piat, but in order to establish communication with them, I need to be more sure there is no human suffering on this planet, or any other.  So, I send light to the lightworkers establishing clarity, on the inner planes, planetary planes, or wherever  people are.  Should I be sure there is no human suffering in all the kingdom of heaven? 

All people are one and all people are safe, happy, and healthy.

Love and light


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