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Interior Design Program?


I call to the Lord and Lady fair

I summon to us the element of air

I stir the Ancients with knowledge of old

Be here this night our spirits you hold.


Lord and Lady protect us, keep us from harm

Air empower us with communication and charm !!

Ancient Ones give us know…

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All that is cool on the web


As if the source of all understanding in the Universe (UEF) is found in my web journal.  Or, "what is cool?"  This web journal is my connection to the real Internet.  It is also a junction in the collective sub conscious which is necessarily elevated due to the nature of the connection of …

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God of the Heavenly Lights


The purpose of this web journal is now, and has  always been, to assist in or allow communication with real people who use the web...Why was I so far away from it's intended purpose?  

I had to be sure the first transmission and my altered state perceptions surrounding the first transmissio…

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Property Tax Workshop (PTW)


Ottawa County Courthouse


As always with this web journal, the matter of considering real human readers and "arc readers" is imperative for the sake of proper alignment with the energy work being conducted.  This is like tuning a radio station and requires awareness of my own mental relationship with all that…

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- Socio energy pattern work -

God align the Universe


The following is a post to the Luminessence guest book:

I am writing in furtherance of the efforts of socio energy pattern work.  Though Barbara Brennan isn't the Surgeon General, what would it be like if she was?  I am thinking Patricia Cota-Robles would make a fine President, and I am think…

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G.A.R. Cemetary Miami Oklahoma Caretaker Building 


9When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do according to the abominations of those nations. 10There shall not be found among you any one who maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or who useth divination, or an observ…

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Is this video really 5 minutes long?

The purpose of the video in this post is energy work for tuning a compressed video into the time it is claiming to occupy.  The video is supposed to be 5 minutes. 


I am asking people to form workshops for the purpose of aligning this video with it's proper time, which is 5 minutes. 


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Self Improvement


In all my efforts to clear my mind of my false perception of the Internet, a lot of concern has been on tuning into real time.  I have read a key to creating more time is to do only those things that create your highest purpose.  What does that mean?  I guess I never really asked, I have just …

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Cyberkashic energy


It is my task to know everything there is to know about conducting e-mail communication with the operator at the PIAT office.

Slowly shutting off the arc Internet.  I know it is too slow and I feel like I am falling asleep right now. 

Why am I looking for what to say to the arc people to g…

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Social Energy



The energy of the world is changing.  It was said "the nature of time is changing", but I shouldn't have taken that so literally.  Sure, it is interesting to perceive time as non linear, but it will be nice to get back to clarity about what day it is really. 

We deal in terms of social o…

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Truly wireless telephone


"If the Octopus wasn't real and the arc world were the real world."


On an earlier transmission, we requested those within ear shot to use an image of the device above and to the right to help clarify the new "truly wireless" telephone.  We requested the lightworkers to "see" a dev…

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HSP to clear Internet blockages.



Another E-mail to


Dear Trailer,


The good news is that the last e-mail did not bounce either.  It seems so sensitive at this level.

It is fascinating that I could write an e-mail to an entity separate from a person’s real self.  Yet I am more frustrated than happ…

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The Scanner is Clear



When I first started this blog, I wasn't sure if the arc people were 3rd dimensional.

My understanding of the arc people has improved considerably in the past few "arc days".  In my heart I am sure the arc people are not now, nor have they ever been, 3rd dimensional beings.  I know this …

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What is the Octopus?


 And if that doesn't work, we will                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    …

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Global Communication


How many various forms of Global Communication are there?  I think there are at least four.  I believe in the telephone, television, Internet, and post.  There might be more than these, so we should ask Bert and Ernie.  Bert and Ernie have been involved in Global Communication for decades now.…

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E-mail to Trailer


Dear Trailer,

The address tag comes up in red.  I send light to the energy concerning this e-mail address and the energy concerning the blockage which causes the address tag to turn red.  

I am sure the energy functions of my body/mind and the universe which inhibited the clear function of…

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It had felt easier to believe the real people were who I should write blog posts directed to.  To the exclusion of believing anyone but the real people would be reading them.  However, it is still not clear at this time if the cyber dwelling arc people will continue reading posts on …

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Common Focus Images


 A purpose of this post is to create a common focus on a set of images.  We have selected four images for this post.

On first appearance, to us, the image above looks like the ascended Jesus.  Though we suppose it could be just an ordinary person who looks like Jesus, having an astral exper…

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When the Octopus was new.


During the first two weeks of the Octopus I was considering the correlation between the collective consciousness and the Internet in it's highest form.

What is a search engine in it's highest form?  What is the Internet and Web in their highest form?  To me, it is a culmination of thought pert…

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Goals of the human race

What are the top goals of humanity?  

Is the top goal of the human race to eradicate disease?  Is the top goal of the human race to live in peace?  Is the top goal of the human race to stop dying and resurrect the dead?  Is the top goal of the human race to end hunger and poverty?  Is the top goal o…

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